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June 2022

15 Heart-Healthy Foods for Seniors to Enjoy

By Health & Wellness

Healthy eating for seniors is not always top of mind, but it is especially important as we age. That’s because poor diet is a major risk factor for chronic diseases, disability, and death, with nearly two-thirds of seniors over the age of 65 in the U.S. consuming a poor diet. Improving nutrition for older adults is a conversation worth having, and it’s also important to remove the stigma that healthy food for older adults isn’t enjoyable. There are so many wonderful fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, proteins, dairy, and more to love!

Life Care Services® communities prepare a wide variety of delicious and healthy meals for seniors. It’s all about balance. When dietary restrictions allow, it’s okay to enjoy an ice cream cone or a piece of pizza! However, there are numerous heart-healthy foods for seniors that offer exciting flavors and excellent nutrition to not only provide flavor-filled taste but also health benefits.

To learn about 15 foods for seniors that are great for the heart, body, and soul, CLICK HERE!

It’s Time to Throw Out Stereotypes on Aging

By Lifestyle, Senior Living

In late 2021, journalists at National Geographic magazine and AARP discussed working together to explore how Americans perceive aging as we emerge from the COVID pandemic. That began a research collaboration focused on asking people like you questions that would probe the full breadth of aging issues — from health and finances to attitudes about happiness, home, optimism and even dying.

To make the study as useful as possible, we posed the same questions to Americans from age 18 into their 90s, to see how opinions vary over the arc of adulthood. More than 2,500 people participated, representing the full range of America’s backgrounds, demographics and ethnicities. Another 25 adults 40 and older participated in in-depth interviews.

Many of the often surprising results of the AARP–National Geographic “Second Half of Life Study” are in your hands. No single sentence can capture the gist of all that people told us, but we can say with confidence that most prevalent opinions and stereotypes of aging were proven wrong.

Overall, the message was refreshingly positive and reassuring. On the whole, life is good, especially for older Americans — especially those over 60. And the person you see in the mirror is far different from the type of person younger generations might think you are.

To view the results of this interesting AARP and National Geographic survey, CLICK HERE.

The Best Volunteer Opportunities for Seniors

By Activities, Lifestyle

Older adults have valuable life experiences, and retirement is an opportune time for seniors to give back by sharing what they have learned.

Senior volunteers can be assets to any project, organization, or initiative, and the agreement is beneficial for both sides. From physical activities to sharing knowledge in a variety of settings, retirees have plenty of options for volunteering, and just need to know where to look.

Life Care Services® has compiled a list of top volunteer opportunities for seniors, and we’ll go over why volunteering for seniors is important. To view the list, CLICK HERE.