Robert M.

My wife and I recently took a tour of The Bayshore with Melissa and we were very favorably impressed with The Bayshore and Melissa. It has been the best Independent Retirement Community that we have toured to date. When the time is right, we would not hesitate to move to The Bayshore.

Lynn R.

We have been looking at retirement living facilities and found the Bayshore to be our choice. We loved everything about the facility. The location, the size, the special amenities such as restaurant style dining and the beautiful Bluffton Club with its view from the 5th floor, the health and wellness availability. I could go on and on. The apartments are beautiful and well appointed. The people we met are welcoming. It is definitely resort style living with the added benefit of medical assistance when needed. We definitely give it five stars.

Elaine M.

The building is gorgeous, and the views of the water are amazing but the caregivers and nurses make this place just awesome. Thank you for all that you do to keep our loved ones safe!

P. Ozell

I am tremendously grateful for the love and kindness the Bayshore showed my sister during her time living there. Thank you so much for all you did each day to keep her safe and healthy!

Bob B.

Without notice, I recently had to see my doctor. I called the doctor’s office and they said I could come right away. I went to see Lorrie, explained the situation to her and she then contacted Patti for transportation. Within minutes I was on my way to the doctor’s office. This is a fine example of the care we receive from your able staff. I wanted you to be aware of this.

Erma S.

I have been an independent living resident of Bay Shores for the last 5 months. About two weeks after I arrived I was already calling it “Home”. The day I arrived was amazing, the Bay Shore staff did everything they could possibly do to help me move in. At the end of the day my apartment was organized and ready to live in. I have never looked back with any regret. The residents here are very friendly and certainly welcome newcomers with open arms. My next task was to find out what would fill each day and that’s when I was told to go to the concierge desk and pick up flyers that list tomorrows activities. I could hardly believe all the options I had to choose from, games, entertainment. trivia groups, bingo, boat rides, etc. Of course Covid-19 was here when I arrived so things are different than normal, however since the property is large and we are free to go anywhere indoors or outdoors (with masks on) our lives are not bad at all. I would recommend Bay Shores to any senior that is having second thoughts about living alone, independent or assisted. Come visit here and I’m sure you will be pleasantly surprised.

Geena G.

Bayshore is a beautiful senior community with amazing and friendly staff. Who wouldn’t want to live by the ocean and watch the sunset every night?

Ashley S.

The Bayshore is not only a beautiful place, but also a place filled with kind and compassionate people. They are always going above and beyond for their residents, and are very creative with activities, despite Covid. I would highly recommend the Bayshore, for anyone looking for a beautiful place to retire to!

Lisa L.

As a professional in the senior health care industry, I can say with full confidence that Bayshore is among the best managed communities I’ve ever been to. Their residents are happy and very well cared for. I would definitely suggest this community to any family looking for senior living options.

Stephen B.

Beautiful building and a great culture of people! The staff is so caring and detail oriented. The Bayshore always feels like a vacation and provides excellent care at the same time!

Bettie H.

One of our church friends moved into this community this past spring, and she loves being able to do yoga on the dock in the morning, and not have to worry about going to the grocery store. She is always talking about how nice her neighbors are, and how nice it always smells inside. When we are ready for this kind of retirement, this will be our first stop. keep up the good work!

C. Henderson

My experience with the nursing team has been great, and really appreciate all that they do for me. I would like to say thank you to the culinary department as well that have worked so hard delivering my meals to the apartment as well. My daughter and myself thank you all so much, and the view from my balcony is pretty great too.

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