The Bayshore on Hilton Head Island Inspires Residents to Live Their Best Lives: Body, Mind & Spirit

By December 2, 2018Lifestyle

Welcome to The Bayshore on Hilton Head Island, a new upscale, next-generation senior living community in coastal South Carolina. It is widely known for its beautiful campus and views but is also building a strong reputation for nurturing the bodies, minds, and spirits of its residents. Its idyllic location on South Carolina’s Intracoastal Waterway provides the perfect backdrop for seniors looking to write the next chapters of their lives in style. Island life is both lively and tranquil; a perfect combination for a balanced life.


Staying physically fit is a priority for independent and assisted living residents at The Bayshore on Hilton Head Island. The fitness center is an obvious choice for many, a veritable one-stop shop for getting and staying healthy that rates a 10 for convenience. Chair exercises, like chair Zumba, are offered by Alyssa from the Therapy Department, which also hosts a twice-monthly blood pressure clinic. There are wonderful options for all, independent and assisted living residents alike. The community ensures that every resident has an opportunity to pursue fitness daily. The Therapy Department and trained therapy personnel meet residents where they are in their fitness abilities and provide support and guidance to achieve activity goals.

Turning outdoors, the heated pool is another excellent option for low-impact workouts like water aerobics, while a lush garden provides a lavish backdrop. It’s not uncommon on campus to see residents enjoying a rousing bocce match—many have discovered that it is also a fantastic way to stay moving. In addition, Hilton Head Island is home to seemingly endless opportunities for resident golf and tennis enthusiasts.

Pauline Giron, Director of Community Relations at The Bayshore says, “The amenities we have here to facilitate the exercise, health, and wellness of our residents far exceed any other community in the area. And the expertise of trained therapy personnel provides an invaluable resource of guidance and safety to our residents when it comes to their overall health.”

Chef Hicham, Director of Culinary Serviceat The Bayshore, brings extensive international and fine dining experience to the community. Healthy meals are thoughtfully prepared to nourish, and only the best-quality ingredients are selected. Local fish is always a favorite, and in addition to each day’s unique menu, soups, several varieties of salads, and fruit are always available for those seeking even lighter fare.


Cognitive health is a key component in the planning of most activities at The Bayshore on Hilton Head Island. A variety of options keeps things fresh for residents while providing important opportunities for engagement. Every day the activities calendar boasts games, gatherings, and classes, all designed to exercise the brain and engage residents in a fun way. Card games, board games, dice games—you name it and The Bayshore at Hilton Head Island offers it. The competitive nature in residents does come out, but mostly they enjoy a sense of community in sharing experiences with one another. Spaces throughout The Bayshore are thoughtfully designed for social gathering as well as for reading, journaling, and reflection. The Bayshore library is a popular destination and features volumes of classics, best-sellers, and everything in between.


The Bayshore on Hilton Head Island is the perfect setting for nourishing the spirit. Pursuit of passions—painting, yoga, reading, music, and more—is a key way residents do just that. Being surrounded by supportive people is also important when it comes to nurturing the soul. The Bayshore community feels close-knit, like an extended family, and much of that can be attributed to the associates at The Bayshore; they epitomize support and caring. On top of that, close friendships are formed among neighboring residents, adding to the overall feeling of fellowship and camaraderie.

The resident community garden is a wonderful place to connect with the earth as well as with like-minded green-thumbed residents. It’s a spot where plants, flowers, and residents alike flourish. Leisurely strolls along the waterfront, fishing from the pier, enjoying the terraced swing or in the fall, warming hands by the firepit are a few ways residents enjoy the island’s serenity. Island life naturally lends itself to reflection on the surrounding beauty, nature, faith, and life.

Regardless of the level of care, all residents are encouraged to pursue a healthy body, mind, and spirit. The Bayshore is there to walk alongside each resident as they achieve a healthier and happier lifestyle. The beauty and exquisite service at The Bayshore on Hilton Head Island will elevate, enrich, and inspire; it takes retirement to a whole new level. To learn more about the balance of fitness and wellness at The Bayshore, call us at (843) 342-2222.