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How Moving to a Retirement Living Community Can Help Seniors Feel More Independent

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We don’t fear the unknown; what we fear is losing the known. If you’re like most seniors, you want to retain as much freedom and self-direction as you can. You already know what you like and how you want to live. To many older adults, maintaining independence is their number one priority. While you may say you don’t want to move to a senior independent living community because you don’t know how it could affect your lifestyle, what’s probably closer to the truth is you fear losing what you have now. But consider this: What would happen to your lifestyle if you had a medical emergency?

For information on how to help seniors stay independent and show the ways today’s senior living communities are specifically designed to promote senior independence, CLICK HERE.

The Bayshore on Hilton Head Island Inspires Residents to Live Their Best Lives: Body, Mind & Spirit

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Welcome to The Bayshore on Hilton Head Island, a new upscale, next-generation senior living community in coastal South Carolina. It is widely known for its beautiful campus and views but is also building a strong reputation for nurturing the bodies, minds, and spirits of its residents. Its idyllic location on South Carolina’s Intracoastal Waterway provides the perfect backdrop for seniors looking to write the next chapters of their lives in style. Island life is both lively and tranquil; a perfect combination for a balanced life. Read More

The Peaceful and Powerful Impact of Aging By The Bay

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Do you have a Blue Mind?

According to marine biologist and author Wallace J. Nichols, Ph.D., we all do. Nichols describes the “Blue Mind” as the incredible sense of peace each one of us experiences when we’re near water, and in his recent book of the same name he explores the substantial scientific evidence that proves the many health and happiness benefits of living in a place like, well, the Bayshore on Hilton Head Island.

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Diverse Culinary Excellence Surrounds The Bayshore on Hilton Head Island

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Dining options that represent the rich culinary heritage of the Carolina coast abound on Hilton Head Island, home to The Bayshore on Hilton Head Island, a brand new and luxurious senior living community on the Hilton Head waterfront. Although there are many elegant dining options available to residents on the campus of The Bayshore on Hilton Head Island, there are also more than 250 restaurants, bakeries, gourmet food shops and farmers’ markets in the area. Each offers its own twist on southern coastal cuisine, so residents that enjoy the finer things in life are sure to find an option that suits their taste. Read More

Waterfront living at The Bayshore on Hilton Head Island: Celebrating the Island Lifestyle

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The Bayshore on Hilton Head Island is the premiere destination for those looking for an upscale island lifestyle that encourages pursuit of passions, both old and new. The Bayshore on Hilton Head Island, a modern senior living community nestled on the waterfront of Hilton Head Island, offers luxurious independent and assisted living options, complete with amenities and services for seniors that enjoy the finer things in life. Hilton Head Island is historically and culturally rich and offers a plethora of opportunities to be a part of its impressive tapestry. The Bayshore on Hilton Head Island is a unique alternative to not only live the island life, but also stay culturally engaged and social, in style. Read More