Why Retirees Are Selling Their Forever Homes

The question on many seniors’ minds is when should they sell their forever home? A forever home, or sunset home, is the home you’ve raised a family in, hosted countless thanksgiving dinners, and built a lifetime’s worth of memories. Seniors that put their homes up for sale could take a big step toward greater independence and peace of mind. Let’s look at some of the biggest reasons many seniors sell their forever home.

Retirement and Changing Lifestyle

Retirement is a major life change and often is the event where seniors question if they should sell their homes. Kids leaving for college or moving to start families of their own is another change that affects home life. There may be empty bedrooms or game and family rooms that are no longer used. Unused spaces can bring on feelings of sadness or longing for what was. Finding a new home that’s a better match could improve your new lifestyle and outlook.

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