Perfect Books for Seniors and Older Adults

By November 3, 2022Activities

There are countless good reasons to read. It’s relaxing; it’s portable. Reading is an excellent form of mental stimulation, and you can be transported to new worlds or back to yesteryear. Reading informs, educates, and delights. It’s never too late to get back into reading. We’ll look at books on aging and dementia, suggest a few great fiction reads, and offer tips for reading aloud to seniors.

Books for Seniors with Dementia

Depending on the state of dementia, older people may still be able to enjoy reading books. Look for books with large print to relieve eye strain. In the case of more advanced memory issues, short stories, letters from family, news articles, or magazine articles are great alternatives to longer forms of reading.

Picture books are another excellent reading option for those with dementia. Choose subjects the senior is familiar with and has a passion for. Board-style books are a perfect choice for seniors with dexterity or grip issues.

A Bevy of Blue: Picture Book for Dementia Patients by Emma Rose Sparrow has beautiful photos featuring the color blue. Part of a series that includes different levels for those at varying stages of memory loss. A Bevy of Blue is level 2 good which focuses on photos but with sparse text.

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